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Home & Commercial Loan

If you are looking at the house to call it home or want to put your step on a property ladder, we have the latest tips and expertise to make it a reality for you.

Construction Loans

Building your dream home via land and build a package or renovating your existing home.

First Time Home Buyers

Contact 0800Rachna for a free consultation. We guide you with our step cycle for buying your first home to suit your needs and borrowing capacity.


Keen to step up on a property ladder? We have experience and expertise to walk with you through the journey.

Risk Insurance

We’ll put you in touch with our valued partners who will provide a wide range of insurance solutions for you to choose from.

Other Loans

If you are a start-up business or existing business, we have multiple options to help you get the business.


Types of loans


Fixed Loan

You can fix the loan for any particular interest rate offered by the bank. This will give you certainty on what your exact repayments will be for whatever repayment frequency you choose. 

Once you fix the loan for any particular term, you need to continue with that particular term. If you wish to break the loan before the fixed term expiry, the break fees may apply.


Flexible loan/ Revolving Credit Facility

This facility in simpler terms is like having an overdraft facility as a home loan variable rate. Interest is charged on the outstanding balance of the loan and not on the facility. This facility has a monthly facility fee. This facility is chosen usually by people who have regular bonuses or commissions that get credited to the account. As that will help them save money on the interest cost. 


Floating Loan / Variable Loan

The interest rate can vary at any point in time without any notice. The repayment amounts may change with the change in the rates. The floating rate is usually higher than the fixed rate as has a lot of flexibility. You can pay lump sum repayments at any time without any penalty.



Offset loan

This loan aims to help save money on the interest costs and pay off loan faster by using the balance of everyday accounts


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