Home Loans

If you are looking at the house to call it home or want to put your step on a property ladder to become an investor, we have the latest tips and expertise to make it a reality for you. 

To find out about buying or building a home or reviewing your existing home loan

Parties involved in getting you your home

  • Your Trusted Mortgage Adviser
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Solicitor
  • Building Inspector
  • Registered Valuer

Different types of home loans:

  • Fixed home loan
  • Variable home loan
  • Flexible home loan

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Ways to get the deposit for your home:

  1. Genuine savings
  2. Kiwisaver ( currently for the first home buyers only, please contact your KiwiSaver provider to know your options)
  3. First Home Buyer Grant ( Please contact Housing New Zealand to know your eligibility)
  4. Gift money from the family members
  5. Using equity from your current property to buy another property

FAQ’s for Home Loans:

Can I get a loan when I am on a work permit?

 You need to be a New Zealand Resident or Citizen to be eligible to get a home loan. If you have 2 years of work permit and your spouse is a permanent resident or a citizen you could be eligible with a minimum 20% deposit. Please contact the team as lending criteria change from time to time.

How long do I need to be in the Kiwisaver to use the funds towards my deposit of the first home?

You need to be contributing to your Kiwisaver for a minimum of 3 years continuously to be eligible. To know your eligibility you need to contact your Kiwisaver provider

How much can I expect from my home grant?

Please contact Housing New Zealand to know your eligibility

Is registered valuation compulsory when buying your first home?

Bank will require a registered valuation in two instances. Either you have less than 20% deposit or in case if you are buying a property off-plan or getting a home and land package. 

Your 6 Step cycle of home loan with the Team of 0800Rachna Mortgages and Insurances

  • Take a free consultation to know your borrowing capacity relevant to your situation
  • If you are ready , your adviser will Seek a pre-approval from the Bank for you
  • Start the search for your potential home, based on your requirements
  • Put your conditional offer the on house you like and do your due diligence before you go unconditional on your contract
  • Arrange for Life insurance to protect you and your family before the settlement
  • Get the keys for your home on the settlement date

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Keeping up with the current trends in the home loan market, Team 0800RACHNA is here to help you achieve your financial goals.