As you are aware this was new territory for me , I  didn’t think I would become a home owner But you have been extremely patient and understanding with me and Ngarima

You have not only guided us through this process but have made our dream of home ownership a reality .

To be honest we can’t wait to get the kids into our very first home , I really do believe this is only the beginning

From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth Lopeti

I was introduce to Rachana by a business colleague to discuss my business needs.  My initial meeting with Rachana was very informative and gave me an assurance that she understood my needs and I would be in good hands.  She has been very proactive and given me solid options on how to best meet my business needs. 

I appreciate her positive approach to solving and understanding my needs.  She has been successful in getting solutions for what i was in need of.  I would highly recommend working with her as she takes an interest to get to know you, so she can better assist you in getting the right solution for you.  I will continue to work with her as I grow my business.

Barry Forsgren

I am happy to comment and appreciate our association with you as a very cordial and cooperative mortgage adviser.

Your timely advise prove to be very helpful and works out in the best interest of the clients. With your able guidance, I confidently stepped in to the market aspiring to buy my first home.

Your inputs and adherence to commitments enables to complete the process in time and fulfils the requirement. This was a great learning process and sure that your commitment will deliver results.


I cannot praise and thank Rachana enough for her guidance and assistance in helping me be the first time investor in this market at the time of pandemic. It was totally unbelievable.

The whole process of loan approval and activation was so hassle free, all I had to do was talk to Rachana about my situation and preferences, and fill in just a couple of forms. The next thing I know is that I had a loan approval letter in hand which put me way ahead in the big queue of property bidders. The next major thing that I was spellbound about was the competitively best interest rate that Rachana got me. I so wish I had gone to Rachana for my previous, first home loan…I would have saved so much.

I highly recommend Rachana not just for getting you into the housing market, but the way she understands your situation, presents new financial perspectives, guides you through this whole process and finally saves your hard earned money for YOU.

Thanks Rachana for helping me J


As relatively young first home buyers, the initial thought of organising a mortgage was quite daunting prospect. Coupled with the difficulty in finding a suitable home in the heated Auckland property market and a general lack of knowledge of mortgage and interest rates, we needed someone to literally hold our hand at every step!

Using Rachana’s services was an absolute godsend. She broke down every step of the mortgage process in a clear and simple manner that we felt empowered and comfortable in the decisions we took. Rachana can be classified as full advisor, she assessed our financial capabilities and future goals to work out how we should narrow our search to the homes that would meet our needs and structure our mortgage in the most optimal manner.

The best part was, that she would come meet us in our home at the time of our choosing. She is always willing to go  the extra mile to please her customers.

Lastly, her service did not stop after the mortgage was orgnised – her after sales service has been impeccable, including assistance with re-fixing interest rates, annual financial goal checks, invitations to seminars to boost knowledge and social events.

I cannot recommend her services enough.

Eshan Gupta (BCom LL.B)

I still remember the first time I had heard the ad ‘Idhar Udhar jane se bachna, call karo 0800RACHNA’. I was thinking to myself, this sounds impressive, one stop shop. I also had a question: ‘what can she do differently’? to kind of make such a claim !! :).  I never knew that I was going to experience the great service and I was going to get a first hand experience of how true each and every word of that ad was.

We had this property that we were interested in and that’s when we thought, let’s call this number 0800RACHNA and I think that was one of the best decisions that we have taken till date. 

The twist in our case was that the completion certificate was awaited for this property, and one fine day I got a call from the builder that the completion certificate was ready and if we want, we could settle it. This was 5 days before everyone was to ‘close their shops for christmas holidays’. I think we all know how we have to work on such a tight and strict time frame, before the lawyers go on their break, if we want to settle the property in that time. We have to get everything right the first time as there’s no time available for errors and getting those rectified. We knew, it may not be possible. That’s when we spoke to Rachna and she said, ‘let’s give it a try’ ( We loved her positivity and can do attitude).

Also, we were really busy at work as well as it was the time leading up to Christmas, I told her it’s not possible for us to take any leave at such short notice. And we still can’t believe it to this date how Rachna managed to get everything done. She emailed us the list of documents that we needed to provide and after a few back and forth emails (she is really very nice and clear in her communications), she called us to give us the news that it’s ALL DONE and here we are “THE HOMEOWNERS”. A big thanks to her. 🙂

She is just AMAZING. She understands the needs and acts fast. She is a person who keeps her word, she is empathetic, she is a really positive person with an infectious SMILE and full of energy. She has great family values and principles. You know you can always TRUST her for the right advice. 

I can go on and on..I feel anyone who is in the market for a home loan or just to have a chat to discuss their financial situation, must call Rachna. You wouldn’t believe what all options she can come up with. And one fine day, you might be the person writing a similar email. 🙂

“Idhar Udhar Jane se bachna call karo 0800RACHNA”

We wish her ALL THE VERY BEST from the bottom of our hearts. And a BIG THANK YOU once again.

Chirag and Shital

So grateful for all her hardwork in getting us a good deal for our first home.

Piran and Ika

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